High in Color but not only...

“Time” is the sole master.

Hélène considers her heritage as the anchor in the memory of this wine bastion.

My great-grandfather and grandfather were farmers and wine merchants. They understood that the Montgueux land was conducive to grape cultivation. In 1919, they produced 600 liters of wine, three barrels that they sold to the Marne.

Celebrating the genius of those who were there when the adventure had to be written is her guiding principle. She gives back to the present the gift received from her predecessors.

“I know my grandfather held me in his arms, but he passed away when I was a few months old. Yet, I know he passed on to me the passion he inherited from his father.” Beyond this passionate nature, Léon Beaugrand transmits to her his determination.

"He fought every battle to make his dream come true. At all costs, he wanted our family and wine history to endure, and I felt it was my turn to pass it on."

Hélène’s life is made up of experiences that have taken her to the other side of the world.

After her Agricultural Technician Certificate with specialization in oenology (BTAO) in the early 1990s, Hélène Beaugrand embarks on a BTSA technical-commercial in wines and spirits in Burgundy. She then trains for 5 years in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, California, and Mexico. Later, she becomes a specialized sales representative for wines from Languedoc-Roussillon in Paris. In 2008, she joins the family estate as a service provider in winemaking until 2018.

Inheriting three hectares of the estate, she establishes her own vineyard in her name. This sets her apart from the “tradition.”

She offers everything that characterizes her: a dreamy and benevolent originality, but above all, the fierce determination that gives her the desire to share her love for the king of wines.

It is with emotion that she accompanies her son Cédric in learning the winemaking craft. Together, they embark on the Sixth generation, which takes the form of the culmination of Champagne Hélène Beaugrand. “In exchange for all that nature gives me, I take care of my estate by respecting my terroir.”


4 rue Léon Beaugrand
10300 Montgueux

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